MCVD Lab Emergency Plan and Evacuation Procedures


Medical / Life

CALL 911 with pertinent information -identify emergency, identify yourself and provide your location.  

Use materials in the First Aid Kit- located at 4-040 / 4-032 entrance

Call someone to assist

Notify supervisor Spencer Proctor 780-909-7004


Do NOT try to fight a fire

Remove the fuel source, if possible (i.e. turn off gas, unplug hotplate)

Leave the room/area

Close door to the room                                                                                      

CALL 911 with pertinent information -identify yourself and provide location of fire.

PULL FIRE ALARM located at south stairway



Hazardous Material Exposure / Spills

Contain the spill

Clean small spills immediately.

Use the Chemical or Biological Spill kit

Spill Kits located at entrance of 4-040 and sink area of 4-032 lab

Large spills- Leave area immediately

Close doors

Warn lab members

Spill SOP’s and response guidelines are located in 4-040 entrance

Report spill to University Control Centre 780-492-5555


Suspicious Activity / Unauthorized People

Keep away, stay at a safe distance

Do not confront individuals

Call University Protective Services 780-492-5050

Life threatening Call 911


Suspicious Package

Call University Control Centre 780-492-5555

Report immediately to supervisor Spencer Proctor 780-909-7004

Warn other lab members


Power Failure

Notify University Control Centre 780-492-5555

Report immediately to supervisor Spencer Proctor 780-909-7004

Check equipment: -80 freezers take action to relocate samples if necessary

Do NOT enter areas with STANDING WATER- Electrocution Hazard

Access duration of loss of power

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Department/Faculty: AFNS/ALES

Location: 4th Floor LKS Centre

Supervisor: Dr. Spencer Proctor   780-492-4672             Email:

Emergency Contact: Dr. Spencer Proctor                             After-hours Contact: 780-909-7004


University buildings may be evacuated for a variety of reasons, including fire, weather emergencies, hazardous material releases or bomb threats.

Familiarize yourself with the evacuation route and designated muster (gathering) point.

For more information on this and other emergency procedures visit:


  • Stay calm, do not panic
  • Stop all work immediately or begin to shut down experimental work. If unable to do so alert the floor warden or contact Protective Services (780-492-5050)
  • Turn off hazardous equipment
  • Secure samples if possible
  • Take keys, personal identification
  • Clear from work space, alert coworkers, do not leave anyone behind
  • Close doors behind you
  • If smoke is present, crawl along the floor, cover mouth and nose
  • Leave immediately, seeking the nearest designated exit
  • Use stairways (south and north side of LKS), do NOT use elevators
  • *People who cannot evacuate using the stairs for mobility reasons will:

Report to the nearest emergency exit stairwell and remain there or

Alert the Floor Warden or contact Protective Services (780-492-5050)

*In LKS the stairwells on both sides of the building are fire-rated and safe

places to wait for assistance.

  • Leave and move away from the building
  • Meet at the Muster Point; Parking Lot C, south side of the LKS building (facing the hospital)
  • Notify floor wardens or emergency responders if you suspect that someone is still inside
  • Do NOT re-enter the building until permitted to do so by emergency responders or the Fire Warden
  • IMPORTANT:  If there is an emergency, and the alarm has not sounded, activate the fire alarm at the nearest pull station.

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