Scientific Publications: Internationally Referred

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*authors equal senior authors

1)   Proctor SD
 and Mamo JCL Arterial fatty lesions have increased uptake of chylomicron remnants but not low density lipoprotein. Coronary Artery Disease. 1996; 7: 239-245. Accepted 2 Jan 1996. PMID: 8827411. 

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17)  Vine DF, Takechi R, Russell JC and Proctor SD. Impaired postprandial apolipoprotein-B48 metabolism in obese insulin-resistant JCR:LA-cp rat: Increased atherogenicity for the metabolic syndrome. Atherosclerosis 2007 190(2):282-90. EPub.2006 Apr.  PMID:  16624317.  (IF=3.8).

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30)     Ruth MR, Proctor SD and Field CJ. Feeding long chain (n-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids to obese leptin receptor deficient JCR:LA-cp rats modifies immune function and lipid raft fatty acid composition. British Journal of Nutrition 2009 May:101(9):1341-1350.  PMID: 19079834.  (IF=2.34).

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