Series of Projects

2020-2026 (PI)
NSERC, Discovery Grant
Vine DF (PI)
The impact of sex: male and female hormones on intestinal lipid metabolism.


2018-2021 (PI)
Mazankowski Heart Research Institute
Vine DF (PI), Ghosh M, Raggi P, Becher H
Heart Health in PCOS.


2018-2020 (PI)
Women & Children’s Health Research Institute-Innovation Grant
Vine DF (PI), Proctor SD, Ghosh M, Maximova K.
Metformin and Fish Oil to Target Atherogenic Dyslipidemia in PCOS.


2017-2020 (Co-PI)
Alberta Health Services-Health Outcomes Improvement Fund
Proctor SD (PI) and Vine DF (Co-PI)
Remnant Cholesterol and Fat Intolerance causes Sub-Clinical Cardiovascular risk in Overweight Children.