Series of Projects

Dairy Farmers of Canada
Spencer Proctor (PI), Caroline Richard (Co-PI), Donna Vine (Co-PI)
Title: Investigating the beneficial health effects of dairy products versus plant-based alternatives on cardio-metabolic and immunological risk factors in a swine model of insulin resistance.
Total: $138,831.00

Kidney Foundation of Canada
Diana Mager (PI), Peter Senior (co-PI), Caroline Richard (co-PI), Normand Boulé (co-PI), Angela Judy (co-PI), Eleni Stroulia (co-PI).
Title: Impact of food insecurity on adherence to diet quality, adherence to prescribed nutritional therapies and co-morbid disease expression in adults with Chronic Kidney Disease.
Total: $99,568.00

Dairy Farmers of Canada
Caroline Richard (PI), Guillaume Brisson (Co-PI), Yves Pouliot (collaborator)
Title : Beneficial effect of buttermilk and its choline forms on obesity-related immune dysfunction.
Amount: $136,043

Canada Research Chair in Nutritional Immunology-Salary Award
Caroline Richard (PI)
Start: April 2019; End: March 2024
Salary award: $100,000/year
Research allocation: $20,000/year
Total: $600,000

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Discovery grant)
Caroline Richard (PI)
Title: Establishing the immunomodulatory properties of dietary lipids on T cell function.
Start: May 2018; End: April 2024
Amount: $24,000/year
Total: $144,000

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (project grant)
Caroline Richard (PI), Mohammadreza Pakseresht (Co-PI)
Title: Establishing the importance of diet and insulin resistance in modulating immune function in obesity.
Start: October 2018; End: September 2023
Amount: $153,000/year
Total: $780,000

Start-up funds from the University of Alberta
Caroline Richard (PI)
Start: January 2017; End: December 2026
Total: $250,000 (100,000 originally and 150,000 for CRC)

Egg Farmers of Canada
Caroline Richard (PI), René Jacobs (Co-PI)
Title: The beneficial effect of egg-derived phosphatidylcholine on the obesity-related immune dysfunction.
Start: September 2019; End: August 2022
Amount: $35,000/year
Total: $105,000

Mitacs Globalink Research Internship-Student Scholarship
Caroline Richard (PI), Dominic Johnson (student)
Title: Metabolic and inflammatory outcomes of the ketogenic diet comparing saturated and unsaturated fat sources.
Start: May 2023; End: August 2023
Total: $8,000

Egg Farmers of Canada Grant
Jianping Wu (Nominated PI), Caroline Richard (PI), Tony Kiang (Co-PI), Liang Li (Co-PI)
Title: A preliminary human study on bioavailability and efficacy of bioactive peptide IRW in egg white hydrolysate
Total: $206,346.56 (4 years)

Alberta Diabetes Institute- 2023 Catalyst Grant Competition
Andrew Pepper (PI), Jane Yardley (co-PI), Caroline Richard (co-PI), John Ussher (co-PI), James C.W. Melling (co-PI).
Title: Exercise & efficacy: the role of pre- and post-surgical exercise to augment islet graft function in a rodent model of type 1 diabetes.
Total: $80,000.00

Egg Farmers of Canada Grant
Vera Mazurak (Nominated PI), Caroline Richard (Co-PI), Wendy Wismer (Co-PI), Vickie Baracos (Co-PI), Carla Prado (Co-PI) and Sunita Ghosh (Co-PI).
Title: Exactly what’s required; eggs as an appealing nutrient source for patients with cancer.
Total: $132,500.00 (2.5 year)

CIHR Project Grant (Spring competition)
Stephane Bourque (PI), Caroline Richard (Co-PI), Hélène Lemieux (Co-PI), Plemel J (Co-PI), Arno Siraki (Co-PI)
Title: Mechanisms of programming of cardiovascular dysfunction by perinatal iron deficiency.
Total: $1,200,000

Agriculture Funding Consortium/Alberta Canola Producers Commission
Catherine Chan (PI), Caroline Richard (Co-PI); Rose Yeung (Co-PI)
Title: Metabolic and inflammatory outcomes of the ketogenic diet comparing saturated and unsaturated fat sources.
Amount: $738,362.00

CFI JELF the Strategic Priorities stream (ALES and FoMD)
Catherine Field (PI), Caroline Richard (Co-PI) and Sue Tsai (Co-PI)
Title: Nutritional Immunology.
Start: September 2021
Total: $1,048,859 ($419,544.00 is coming to the nutrition division)

Results Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR)
Lingyun Chen (PI), Caroline Richard (Co-PI); Wendy Wismer (Co-PI), Parinaz Taheri (Co-PI), Jean Buteau (collaborator).
Title: Development of a nutritionally enhanced plant-based milk alternative beverage from Canadian oats and study of its glycemia-lowering effect.