Series of Projects

Granting Body Abbreviated Title Name(s) of Applicant(s) Duration of Grant
NSERC RTI Upgrades to Multi-Lab Gas Chromatography System. Field CF (PI), Proctor SD and Lehner R (co-app) 2020-2021
Alberta Health Services-Health Outcomes Improvement Fund-II Fat Intolerance, Remnant Cholesterol & Sub-

Clinical Cardiovascular risk Reduction in Overweight Children using a Fish Oil Intervention.

Proctor SD (PI)

& Vine DF, Ball GD (co-app)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research-Project Grant Efficacy of a novel idiotypic antibody to inhibit cholesterol retention in atherosclerotic vascular disease during insulin resistance and diabetes. Proctor SD (PI) 2019-2024
Dairy Farmers of Canada-Nutrition Beneficial effects of dairy fat on postprandial intestinal and systemic immune function. Richard C (PI) and Proctor SD and 1 other (co-PI) 2019-2021
Women & Children’s Health Research Institute– Innovation Grant Treatment for Heart Disease and Diabetes risk in Young Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Vine DF (PI) and Proctor SD and 4 other (co-app) 2018-2020
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada- Grant in Aid Efficacy of a novel idiotypic antibody against arterial glycosaminoglycans to inhibit cholesterol retention during atherosclerosis and insulin resistance. Proctor SD (PI) 2018-2021
Agriculture Funding Consortium- AAF Low birth weight-induced increased fat absorption and preferential muscle marbling in swine at the Swine Research and Training Centre (SRTC). Proctor SD (PI), 4 other collaborators 2018-2021
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada –Discovery Physiological relevance of enterocytic lipid trafficking pathways on dietary lipid absorption and whole-body lipid homeostasis. Proctor SD (PI) 2015-2021