Series of Projects

Granting Body Abbreviated Title Name(s) of Applicant(s) Duration of Grant
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada –Discovery Novel Roles Of The Intestine To Regulate Whole Body Lipid Homeostasis Using Pathways Of Nutritional Physiology And Molecular Regulation.


Proctor SD (PI) 2021-2026
Alberta Health Services-Health Outcomes Improvement Fund-II Fat Intolerance, Remnant Cholesterol & Sub-

Clinical Cardiovascular risk Reduction in Overweight Children using a Fish Oil Intervention.

Proctor SD (PI)

& Vine DF, Ball GD (co-app)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research-Project Grant Efficacy of a novel idiotypic antibody to inhibit cholesterol retention in atherosclerotic vascular disease during insulin resistance and diabetes. Proctor SD (PI) 2019-2024
Agriculture Funding Consortium- AAF Low birth weight-induced increased fat absorption and preferential muscle marbling in swine at the Swine Research and Training Centre (SRTC). Proctor SD (PI), 4 other collaborators 2018-2022
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada- Grant in Aid Efficacy of a novel idiotypic antibody against arterial glycosaminoglycans to inhibit cholesterol retention during atherosclerosis and insulin resistance. Proctor SD (PI) 2018-2022
Alberta Diabetes Institute- Pilot Grants Association of CVD and T2D in the Alberta Tomorrow’s Project Proctor SD (PI)