MCVD Lab. Employment and Trainee Opportunities

Graduate Student


Dr. Donna Vine, Associate Professor, Division of Human Nutrition, University of Alberta

Research Focus:  PCOS Together is a research program aimed at understanding the health status and  improving the health and health care of women with PCOS. To do this we are trying to understand the health risks and long term health outcomes in women with PCOS. We have found that women with PCOS in Alberta are at 2 and 3 fold higher risk for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  We are establishing methods to detect early disease risk in women with PCOS. We are also undertaking clinical interventions to treat high-risk women with PCOS in the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

For more information on  Dr. Donna Vine’s research:
MCVD Lab:  https://mcvd.ualberta.ca/research/dr-donna-vine/
PCOS Together:  https://pcos.together.ualberta.ca/

Preferably applicants should have the following:

High GPA (4.0)
Registered Dietitian
Previous clinical work would be an asset

To apply please email your application (Cover Letter, CV, Transcript) addressed to:
Dr. Donna Vine, Associate Professor
4-002H Li Ka Shing Centre
AFNS, University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB  T6G 2E1
Email:  donna.vine@ualberta.ca