Series of Projects

Granting Body Abbreviated Title Name(s) of Applicant(s) Duration of Grant
Women & Children’sHealth Research Institute– Innovation Grant Elevated remnant cholesterol promotes fat intolerance in overweight children and enhances early heart disease risk. Proctor SD (PI)
Vine DF (co-app)
Alberta Health Services-Health Outcomes Improvement Fund Remnant Cholesterol and Fat Intolerance causes Sub-Clinical Cardiovascular risk in Overweight Children Proctor SD (PI)

& Vine DF (co app)

Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency-Research & Development Program Production and testing of PUFA-BHP in beef II: optimizing diets, NIRS predictions, rumen bacterial profiles and human health implications. Dugan M (PI), Proctor SD &

1 other (co-app)

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada –Discovery Physiological relevance of enterocytic lipid trafficking pathways on dietary lipid absorption and whole body lipid homeostasis. Proctor SD 2015-2021
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada-Grant In Aid Mechanisms that promote remnant lipoprotein retention in arterial tissue during atherogenesis and insulin resistance. Proctor SD 2014-2018