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Series of Projects

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Women & Children’sHealth Research Institute– Innovation Grant

Elevated remnant cholesterol promotes fat intolerance in overweight children and enhances early heart disease risk.

Proctor SD (PI)
Vine DF (co-app)


Alberta Health Services-Health Outcomes Improvement Fund

Remnant Cholesterol and Fat Intolerance causes Sub-Clinical Cardiovascular risk in Overweight Children

Proctor SD (PI)

& Vine DF (co app)


Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency-Research & Development Program

Production and testing of PUFA-BHP in beef II: optimizing diets, NIRS predictions, rumen bacterial profiles and human health implications.

Dugan M (PI), Proctor SD &

1 other (co-app)


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada –Discovery

Physiological relevance of enterocytic lipid trafficking pathways on dietary lipid absorption and whole body lipid homeostasis.

Proctor SD


Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada-Grant In Aid

Mechanisms that promote remnant lipoprotein retention in arterial tissue during atherogenesis and insulin resistance.

Proctor SD