Research / Dr. Donna Vine / Series of Projects

Series of Projects

2017-2019 (Co-PI)   
Women & Children’s Health Research Institute-Innovation Grant
 Proctor SD (PI) and Vine DF (Co-PI)
Elevated remnant cholesterol promotes fat intolerance in overweight children and enhance early heart disease risk.

2017-2019 (Co-PI)    Alberta Health Services-Health Outcomes Improvement Fund
Proctor SD (PI) and Vine DF (Co-PI)
Remnant Cholesterol and Fat Intolerance causes Sub-Clinical Cardiovascular risk in Overweight Children.

2015-2018 (PI)               
Alberta Diabetes Institute-Pilot Project
Vine DF (PI) and 2 other (Co-PI)
Dietary Fish Oil:  An Adjunct approach to Metformin to treat Type II Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases Risk Factors in Young Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

2015-2018 (PI)        
Canadian Institute of Health Research-Operating Grant Program
Vine DF (PI) and 3 other Co-PIs
Dietary Fish Oil: A Treatment for Hyperlipidemia in Young Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

2013-2019 (PI)        
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada-Operating Grant
Vine DF (PI) and 3 other (Co-PI)
Androgen regulation of intestinal lipid metabolism and the impact of dietary lipids.