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  • Diane A, Pierce D, Kelly S, Sokolik S, Borthwick F, Jacome-Sosa M, Mangat R, Pradillo MJ, McRae AS, Ruth MR, Field CJ, Hutcheon R, Rocic P, Russell JC, Vine DF, Proctor SD.  Mechanisms of Co-Morbidities Associate with The Metabolic Syndrome:  Insights From The JCR:LA-cp Corpulent Rat Strain.  Frontiers.  2016 Oct. 10;3:44.  PMID:  27777929.  (IF=Open Access)

  • Lewis ED, Goruk S, Richard C, Dellschaft NS, Curtis JM, Jacobs RL, Field CJ. Feeding a diet devoid of choline to lactating rodents restricts growth and lymphocyte development in offspring. Br J Nutr. 2016 Sep;116(6):1001-12.


Mission Statement

We are interested in fundamental and translational aspects of lipid metabolism in nutrition-related chronic diseases. In particular, how dietary (intestinal) derived lipids and their metabolism contribute to, or alleviate pathways that cause cardiovascular etiology.

We are keen to appreciate how the etiology of early obesity, insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes accelerates CVD complications and influence lipid homeostasis. Our dynamic and vibrant group fosters a supportive research environment for staff/trainees in order to build capacity and facilitate unique inter-disciplinary scientific training.

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