Graduate Students

Ms. Paulina Aldana

Project:  PhD; 2016-2020

Research Focus:  Betaine and Atherosclerosis

Supervisor:  Dr. Rene Jacobs

What I like to do outside of the lab?: I love to spend time with my amazing daughter and husband,  playing, dancing, reading and watching movies with them. I enjoy traveling to new places and its gastronomy.


Mr. Yongbo She

Project:  PhD, 2019-2022

Research Focus: Interactions between dairy, lipids and immunology in the context of obesity and insulin resistance

Supervisor:  Dr. Spencer Proctor, Dr. Caroline Richard

What I like to do outside of the lab?: I enjoy cooking, hiking, fishing and studying aviation (my dream is to be a pilot).


Ms. Sereana Wan

Project: PhD, 2015-2020

Research Focus: PEMT and Diet-induced obesity

What I like to do outside of the lab:  Snowboarding, hiking, running, playing piano

Dr. Rene Jacobs